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    Rama Paper Mills Ltd. ~ Corporate Information

Sh. Pramod Kumar

Sh. Arun Goel


The Company and its Background

Rama Paper Mill Ltd., (RPML), was incorporated as a Public Limited Company on 4th December, 1985, having its Registered Office & Works at 4th KM Stone, Najibabad Road, Kiratpur Distt. Bijnor (UP) and Corporate office at 12/22 East Patel Nagar, New Delhi -110008 with a view to set up 3300 TPA Paper Project. The initial capacity of the Unit was 3300 TPA which was further increased to 9000 TPA for manufacturing of Duplex /Triplex Board.

During the year 1992-93, the Company diversified into writing & printing paper and newsprint by installing a capacity of 8250 TPA with the financial assistance from ICICI and IRBI, along with the proceeds of the public issue. Subsequently the capacity was increased to 9000 TPA with the help of internal accruals. Thereafter RPML took up expansion cum modernization program to increase the capacity of both the units to 10,500 TPA. The cost of the project was Rs. 300 Lakhs. In the year 1995-96, RPML went in for major expansion by adding a capacity of 18500 TPA (Unit III) for manufacturing newsprint and craft paper. The project was financed by PNB.

The Unit III started commercial production in the year January 1997. In the year 2005-06, the Company undertook modernization programme in its Unit No.3 by installing balancing equipments and thus the installed capacity of Unit No.3 was increased to 44000 TPA, which was financed by the term loan from Bank of Baroda (BOB) for Rs. 400 lacs and the balance of Rs.200 lacs from internal accruals. Moreover, the Company had also undertaken its Co-generation Project of 6 MW having project cost of Rs.2550 lacs, which was also financed by the term loan from BOB for Rs. 1800 lacs and the balance from internal accruals.

Thereafter in 2007-08, the Company had undertaken massive expansion plan of installing Imported Paper Manufacturing Machine to manufacture value added products with installed capacity of 16320 TPA. The cost of project ended with Rs.32.50 Crore and out of that Rs.13.40 Crore was financed from Bank of Baroda. The unit commenced its production in December 2009. Moreso, the Company had also undertaken an up-gradation programme of Rs.13 Crore in 2008-09, out of that Rs.7 Crore was funded by Bank of Baroda.


The Company is managed by Board of Directors comprising of the following :-


  1. Sh. Pramod Agarwal (Managing Director)
  2. Sh. Arun Goel (Executive Director)
  3. Sh. Alok Jain (Independent Director)
  4. Sh. Vijay Pal Singh (Director)
  5. Sh. Gyanveer Singh (Director)
  6. Smt. Amarjeet Sandhu ( Director)

The Board of Directors is assisted by team of well-qualified and experienced professionals.

Sh. Himanshu Duggal
Ph. +91-9999777321
E-mail: [email protected]

Sh. Nirdesh Agarwal
Ph. +91-9810531002
E-mail: [email protected]

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