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Rama Paper is located on the National Highway (NH-119) and has an easy approach. The four machines are located within a well developed infrastructure stretching over 17 acres of land.

The company’s robust growth is an assurance due to its own power plant, which is set up in an area of 5.6 acres, generating power and has a capacity of storage of agro fuel stocks for 40 days. RPML’s 6 MW biomass based Co-generation power Plant is registered with UNFCCC for CERs benefits.

RPML's location allows it to buy cheaper agro fuel compared to their competitors’ which add to the robust profitability and realization. While major paper manufacturers are dependent on coal across the country, RPML has no problem sourcing low cost agro fuel.

The company has an independent 33 KVA electricity feeder from UPPCL (Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd. This feeder is used to export/import power from the grid, depending on the need.

Rama Paper has a full-fledged ETP consisting of primary clarifier, aeration tank, secondary clarifier and sludge drying beds. The ETP also has a sludge-thickening unit.

The waste sludge is processed here to make paperboards and sheets meant for packing purpose. The turnover of the sludge board unit itself is consistently promising. The ETP unit is built in total area of 2 acres and is a completely zero discharge unit.

The company has a well developed housing colony on & off the campus for its staff with quality housing constructed according to specifications and also provides transport facilities. The total area of, off campus staff colony is 2 acres.

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